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Hospitality Marketing


Marketing Partners’ solutions are right for any industry, but especially for complex business models like hospitality in all its forms. We’ll be happy to help any small or medium sized business, but our primary focus is hospitality. While each style of business is unique in its own right, they all are heavily dependent upon a constant flow of qualified prospective clients.

What’s great about all of our solutions is that they can be used for nearly all businesses, large, small or a solo-entrepreneur.

Legal Marketing


Effective Marketing for attorneys takes more than one-and-done local SEO experts or pay per click. Those who invest their marketing budgets may get results, but often at the cost of their brand image. Granted, these and other tactics may fit with your business model, but understanding your marketing plan and how these can fit into your planned strategies is paramount to maximizing the ROI on your marketing budget.

Don’t spend just to spend on tactics you may not fully understand, consult a professional marketing agency like ours to maximize your marketing budget and minimize waste.

Medical Marketing

When it comes to marketing a medical practice, the agent of record must be fully cognizant of HIPPA, and how the Act looks upon marketing to patients.  Marketing Partners understands all it entails to consult, serve and direct marketing campaigns that are compliant

In today’s litigious society, managing your reputation both online and off is critical to staying at the top of your field.  Information from out of the blue will not only hurt your business but cause irreparable harm to your professional reputation.  Having the ability to monitor your reputation from every nook and cranny of the Internet can save you tens of thousands of dollars in status reinstatement, but keep you abreast of what your patients are saying about you.