winning big requires fundamentals

My Top 5 Fundamentals of Playing to Win and Winning BIG

I’m pretty sure that everyone wants to be a winner at what they attempt. It doesn’t matter if we’re playing checkers or getting launched into space.  We have faith in ourselves and whatever systems are involved in getting us to the winner’s circle.

Then there are those of us who choose to develop the healthiest Mindset they possibly can to not only win but win big.  The fundamentals involved in this level of success can allow you to play to win and win big.  After, we are doing this for winning business life, aren’t we?

If you study any professional athlete, they go through rigorous training for weeks and months to ready themselves for that big day.  The day when peak performance is demanded, not just hoped for.

Scholars have long told us that the mental aspects of winning are as critical as it is physical to run a marathon, drive a race car, play football, or win at chess.

The proper Mindset can and often does make the critical difference between the winner and the runner up. All the skill, speed, strength, and physical ability will count for nothing if the proper Mindset is present when it is needed most.

It’s as simple a rule of which to be mindful. Negative Mindset will yield negative results. Contrarily, a positive mindset can produce a significant advantage over others.

The fundamentals of a winning mindset that I have found work for me for ultimate performance are enumerated here:

  1. Don’t focus on the projected outcome.

This may sound counterintuitive, but it is how you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Rather than be consciously or unconsciously aware of the enormity of the task, instead, place all your attention on the processes and systems that are a result of your training.

By focusing on the step-by-step process of making it through any competition, whether sports, business, or in life, Mindset is key to winning and winning big.

Focus on the Process not the outcome

You can manifest your outcome through not focusing solely on the victory but know that if the steps are all made at the right time, performed exceptionally well; you’ll have a lot less stress than the burden of envisioning the result of your efforts.

Many new age philosophers teach manifestation by focusing on the outcome, which I cannot support.

By imagining, you’re already rich is supposed to manifest wealth.  I cannot entirely agree.

By manifesting the steps that must be taken to reach the outcome will do a much better job. Don’t get the cart in front of the horse.

  1. Avoid thinking about NOT losing.

One of the great debilitations is having a fear-based mindset. Fear of failure, fear of winning, having any doubt will cripple performance.

Confidence in one’s self, trust in the team, belief in the strategy will all create a mindset of courage in the face of fear.

Avoid thinking about NOT losing

If you think you are going to lose, you more than likely will because your mind is never wrong. It’s a self-fulling prophesy that ultimately occurs.

If you only consider the process to win and follow it, the mind will do everything in its power to make it a reality.

  1. Formulate a Strategy and Believe.

When faced with a challenge, don’t just jump into it.  Create a strategic set of tactics that need to be employed to make you successful ultimately.

It’s creating a system to follow, processes to link together all designed to produce a superior effort, regardless if it is leisure, business, or family life.

You have to believe that what you have come up with is without a doubt, the superior strategy for the intended outcome.

create a strategy with tactics to keep the right mindset

Just as important as belief, there must be implicit trust in the strategy, the process, and yourself.  Trusting yourself and your abilities, know-how, training, and skill set confirms that belief, creates a singular mindset that is unshakable.

Have you ever participated in a competition, a work project, or a community activity where you can spot someone with a lack of self-respect, self-confidence, or is in a state of negativity?

What kind of experience was it for you?  Did it take a toll on others around him or her?  It is so easy to take on the mantle of doubt and uncertainty when you’re smack in the middle of a team-related activity and negativity and demotivation is present.

Trust in your capabilities and believe that you can overcome obstacles.  Better yet, take on these sorts of issues as a game to identify the winning strategy not to allow negative actions or feelings disturb your winning formula.

Never allow negativity to surround you, lest you begin to lose the lust for winning, the joy of performing the steps and tactics to move you to excel.

If you’re in a team environment, believe and trust in them and their skills, training, and belief system.

Together, with a unified mindset, believed-for outcomes typically prevail.

  1. Be In It to Win It and Have Fun

Your conscious Mindset to do your absolute best should not remove the fun from the endeavor.  If you cannot enjoy the experience, why do it?

So many people experience “lives of quiet desperation” by the drudgery of a job they hate, which creates uninspiring self-respect and lack of confidence, and often a lousy family life.

Ever heard anyone say, “I love what I am doing” or, “I’ve waited my entire life to find what I am good at and enjoy doing?”

I am a perfect example of the second statement.  I spent an entire career doing what I liked to do.  Notice I said Like.  I spent thirty-seven years in hospitality, working 18-hour days, day in, day out.  It grew so burdensome that I finally had to escape.

Your mindset is best when you do something you love

It wasn’t until I purposely returned to something from my childhood that re-energized me into becoming an author, copywriter, and speaker. Now, at a ripe, old age, I’m doing what I love.

That’s Love with a capital L.  And, I get paid well to do it too.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not calling you out on not loving what you are doing; you have reasons just as did I.  However when you find what you LOVE, a whole new world opens up to you. You can be competitive and have fun if you formulate the proper Mindset.

  1. Be Your Number One Fan

“I can beat myself up better than anyone” is a statement people with the belief that they are not perfect enough, that they don’t contribute, or that the individual is worth berating when they make a mistake.

The human being is an imperfect species, and mistakes are part of the life experience.  It’s how you handle that mistake that matters.  Sure, you are not confident in your performance, which translates into your actual performance.

There is a real mind-body connection.  When we’re in a defeatist mood, our energy is sapped, we walk around slumped over, not cheerful or encouraging to those around us, and have an overall, lousy attitude.

It’s a fact that if we change our thinking, we can change our physique, our mental and emotional belief system, and improve our approach in a matter of a few minutes.

self-love is key to a proper mindset

Knowing yourself and taking a big dose of self-love every moment will not only provide a better performance, but you’ll also sleep better too.

Being your best friend and supporter can make all the difference in having a great day versus a not-so-great day.  Think positive thoughts, share positivity, look at challenges as a personal game to overcome.

If you are in a highly competitive team environment where teammates are critical of those “imperfect beings,” the seeds of a losing attitude get planted.

Encouragement and emotional support of empathy and inspiration can go a long way to rebuild self-esteem of the one at fault and return to the fray recharged.

Did you ever notice a baseball player who “is in a slump” in the batter’s box?  Sportscasters will not necessarily berate the player, but the self-inflicted negative self-talk takes a heavy toll on performance.

Nearly every major professional athlete not only has a training coach but a mental coach as well.  Maintaining the positivity of the mind has been proven to remove the “slump’ in performance.



To win the game of life, whether it be sports related, business or personal related, the proper Mindset is the lynchpin of our ultimate success or failure.  The right frame of mind consists of self-love, Love for the activity, confidence in one’s self, in addition to skill, training, and trust and belief in one’s capabilities.

Winning and winning big requires more than performance. It takes an attitude of when the challenges become more oppressive, the higher level of mental strength is employed.  The proper Mindset, combined with skills, talent, training, and trust in one’s abilities with the will to win, typically carries those winners through uncertainty and challenge.

“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is the cliché that brings home this mental toughness and performance mindset.