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Local legal marketing is no easy feat.  Law school was a fantastic place to hone your craft, but not the venue to learn how to market your practice. Very few attorneys know how to generate new leads, and merely hanging out your shingle hasn’t worked the previous one hundred fifty years.  Why should you expect it to today?

The personal injury attorney faces perhaps the stiffest competition of any sector of law.  Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, Child Sports Injury, Product Liability, Nursing Home Negligence and a host of other injury type legal cases can be highly lucrative, thus the high level of competition.

Litigation attorneys have their hands full of police behaviors across the country, and your locale may be as well. Who has time for marketing?

While some lawyers find that billboard ads and television generate leads for “their type of defendant,” many firms find that to be less than professional.  Others invest thousands of dollars a week on pay per click ads, thereby eroding their profit lines.

It’s no wonder why more and more legal professionals rely on marketing agencies like ours to help grow their online presence, create effective social media and content campaigns, as well as other media.

That’s why Marketing Partners is here to help.  We’re a different sort of marketing agency. We help local attorneys locate, nurture and convert qualified leads with digital marketing solutions.

Here are just some of the solutions that our legal clients utilize to maximize lead generation.

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Listing Distribution Services

In this world of instant gratification, searchers on devices expect to find the right information at exactly the time in which they seek it. People today live their lives with their mobile devices within arm’s reach. They use them constantly, finding out about a host of information. When they search for something, they expect correct information.

Misinformation or even worse, missing information can turn an advocate into a cynic. Every time the information of which someone seeks is inaccurate or unavailable, your brand takes another negative hit.

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Real Time Phone-Technology

We’re happy to bring call and voice analytics into the digital conversation, and unlock the mystery of how phone calls drive revenues. From optimized click-to-call campaign management, you’ll be able to understand the entire customer journey; from initial click to the purchase decision.

Direct communication with the consumer is now capable of generating an incredible amount of intelligence data that will enable marketers to maximize and optimize the customer experience and journey across all channels. CallIntel makes it work!

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Your Brand & Online Presence is Comprised of Many Important Facets

Building your brand online are important as in the real world. It all begins with your website. It’s your virtual store front, and like a good business person, you care about your image. Like keeping the windows and walks clean in the brick and mortar world, your online storefront deserves the same attention. Our digital marketing solutions can not only monitor your brand online; we can grow your presence, rankings, reviews, and leads.

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Insist on Top Quality Content to Address Your Target Audiences

With a sea of content available today, your target audiences have much to choose. Content journalists are seemingly everywhere, from word farms to in-house copywriters and bloggers.  Today’s consumers are deluged with content coming at them from everywhere.

Your content must be worthy of the reader’s trust and respect before they’ll let you into their inbox; you must earn the right.   That’s why your content, in all its forms, must be top quality to engage your audience and compel them to opt-in.

lead generation for legal marketing marketing partners llc

Build Awareness and Generate Qualified Leads through Demand Generation

Creating demand solutions suited to your target audiences is no easy feat. Inbound marketing agencies tout content generation as the sure way to build a customer base. However, generating relevant, engaging and compelling content varieties can be time-consuming, expensive and tedious.

An active social media, email, and other marketing campaigns reinforce your current marketing efforts that are not sufficient to stay ahead of your competition.

reputation intelligence for legal marketing marketing partners llc

Improve Your Online Visibility AND Your Reputation

Your law practice is being spoken about on the Internet. Are you joining in the conversation? Social media, local listing sites, review sites, the news media and other online mentions have a tremendous impact on your marketability.

Our visibility feature gathers all the locations your company information is found, and where it’s missing or incorrect. Online listings are critical to your online visibility, search optimization, and rankings. The more sites on which you are listed, the better chance of getting found.