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A comprehensive proximity marketing strategy is

an excellent start in growing your local customer base.

Generate qualified leads and build a loyal fan base

grow your customer base with local wifi

Go and Grow Social


With a lifetime of expertise in complex hospitality enterprises, we know how to grow clubs, resorts, resort hotels, and restaurants.

When customer loyalty means repeat and referral business, nothing could be more important than a thorough marketing strategy to grow qualified leads.

Build Your Mailing List


Social Wi-Fi provides opportunities to not only offer free Internet access for your customers; it becomes a source of lead generation for your business.


repintel guards your online reputation

local listing sites help seo and marketing partners can help

What’s Being Said About Your Business Online?


Your online presence is comprised of many factors.  Consider your online footprint like a virtual storefront.  Is it bright, shiny, clean and correct?  What’s being said about you online?  Is it good?  What are you doing to protect your brand image and reputation?

Can You Get Found Online?


Listing citations need to be correct for your business to show up correctly in online searches. When your Name, Address, Phone is incorrect or missing, it damages your rankings and confuses other listing sites., thereby limiting your online presence.