How Successful Attorneys Attract Better Clients

Typical Legal Marketing Firms don’t know direct response marketing, so they’ll tell you that “you have to impress people with your expertise!”  They’ll sell you on an idea of overhauling your entire site to make it more attractive, better graphics, better font usage, and more backlinks.  Most of that is total B.S.

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Optimizing AdWords with Google Analytics: Google Best Practices

This article originally appeared in Google Adwords ( and is reprinted here as a courtesy to members. Optimizing AdWords with Google Analytics: Google Best Practices   Pull Google Analytics metrics into AdWords for deeper insights NEXT: ANALYZE ADWORDS PERFORMANCE IN GOOGLE ANALYTICS You’ll get high-performance insights into your ads and your website when you integrate…

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A Guide to Bid Adjustments

A Guide to Bid Adjustments: Google Best Practices Manage your bid adjustments for efficiency   Your system for bid management will need to be applied to your campaigns. Make regular, informed optimizations when managing your bid adjustments. Plan to use campaign-level adjustments. Save ad group modifiers for any significant performance differences within your campaigns. Campaign-level…