We’re CRAZY – About Technology that is.

Infusing today’s technology with digital marketing strategies, tactics, and solutions create fantastic results for our clients. Whether it’s using tech to monitor social media, review sites or other online mentions, and providing automation to join the conversation, our customers find it to be outrageously successful toward maintaining their brand online.


Marketing Partners LLC was founded in Las Vegas in 2012, and appropriately so considering the company was formed on a bet   M. Alex Kaine, the reclusive Co-Founder, and Executive Vice President once owned a restaurant in town which was struggling to stay afloat. Sales were at an all-time low, customers unhappy, quality inconsistent, and it needed a good cleaning.  Let’s just say MAK was not a great absentee owner. No reclusive individual should ever own a face-to-face business and have it succeed. The hospitality industry depends on owners and managers working long hours every day of the week.

David J Dunworth, the Founder, and CEO of Marketing Partners LLC, in 2012, happened to dine there one afternoon, and after surmising the restaurant’s problems, let MAK know what he thought. Once he tracked him down, that is.  The discussion led to a meeting of the minds; the bet was on.

David bet MAK (MAK’s full name is Montgomery Alexander Kaine) that he could not only have the place turn a profit within six months, but the restaurant would also generate more customers and revenue than it ever did since it opened years prior.  In exchange for doing so, MAK would have to split the business with David on a go forward basis if he were to prove successful. David had to perform his “magic” without pay or reimbursement for any marketing expense, promotions or advertising. At the time the bet looked a bit lopsided.

What MAK didn’t know was that David had spent a career in hospitality and commercialization. What David didn’t fully realize was that MAK seldom even visited his restaurant as he was a notorious recluse.  MAK hated being out in public, and worse yet hated having his photo taken. He is hard to work with due to his reluctance to meet outside of his home.

To make a long and confusing story short, David won the bet by producing record sales, higher than ever check average and customer counts, and a glowing reputation. They decided to sell the restaurant for a tidy profit and invested it in creating a marketing agency.  MAK would stay behind the scenes, and David would be the face of the business.  The rest is history still being written.


  • Honesty and Integrity:

    The two most important qualities we seek in partners and clients. We feel life is too short to deal with controversy or an incompatible relationship

  • Humility:

    We know we don’t know everything and won’t pretend we do

  • Collaboration:

    We employ a team effort in working with our clients and find consensus whenever tough decisions require attention

  • Stewardship:

    We have a responsibility to preserve and protect our client’s brand, reputation, and resources above all else


Because we’ve held entire careers in hospitality, it’s easy to think that food and beverage operations are all we know.  That would be a misconception.

We’re a marketing consultancy, with particular expertise in hospitality, real estate, medical, legal and technology marketing and advertising.  Marketing Partners has worked with some of the world’s largest golf and resort country clubs, as well as plastic surgeons, dentists, lawyers and Indian Chiefs.

As such, we’ve worked with start-up brands, as well as seasoned enterprises. Services include brand identity, web presence, customer loyalty, web development and lead generation, but that’s far from all.  Marketing Partners possesses the experience and expertise to get your new or rebranded business off and running.

We’re a digitally minded consultancy, with clients and offices in Chicago, Cleveland, Tampa, New Jersey, and Vancouver B.C.  That’s right, Vancouver, British Columbia.  We’ve got our eye Down-Under too, so hopefully, we’ll be saying G’day Mate real soon.


David J Dunworth CEO Marketing Partners LLCDavid J Dunworth

Chief Experiences Officer

and Founder

Best-selling author, presenter, and marketing maven, David has spent a lifetime working with, for and in small and medium-sized businesses. In each case, they were more profitable, larger in market share and higher quality with happier, more loyal customers.  Loves dogs. Cats, not so much.



montgomery alexander kaine co founder and evpMontgomery Alexander Kaine (MAK)

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

In charge of looking out the window!

Remember we told you MAK is a total recluse?  We weren’t kidding. He hates being photographed and refuses to use Skype. It’s almost impossible to get a photo of his face.  He’d like to stay anonymous, so he refuses to publish his pic.

I wonder how he got a driver’s license or a passport?

winston churchill is marketing partners llc mascotWinston – Chief of Security

Winston is one of the most attentive (NOT) of the entire team. Ready at the drop of a snack, regardless of time of day. Spring-loaded into the hyper-vigilant position, Winston wins more business than anyone else (in his dreams).

Marketing Partners LLC logo

Think You Have What it Takes?

think you have what it takes to work with marketing partners llc


marketing partners and zen marketing inc are collaborators

John – New York, New Jersey

Regional Manager

Eastern Seaboard

Our Newest Office

John’s expertise includes strategic market planning, web design, web copy, email and direct marketing, With years of expertise in both retail and marketing management, John brings with him a wealth of knowledge and motivation to spare.

stephanie graphics marketing partners llcStephanie -Graphic Designer 

Strategic Alliance

Stephanie is a gifted graphic designer, responsible for all design needs for our diverse client base.  Stephanie, also known as Pencil, possesses the rare talent to create branding packages, illustrative needs, a photo-creative that gets the complete job done. All who know her love her smile.

emily sweet tampa office marketing partners llc

Elizabeth – Copywriter

Our Newest Team Member

Everyone that meets her gaze, and hears her glossy Southern accent gets captured nearly every time.  She commands attention the moment she walks into a room.  All that plus her keen marketing savvy and sophisticated vocabulary allow her to write excellent, engaging copy for client websites, press releases, script writing for live presentations and more make her a valuable addition to the Marketing Partners Team.


Regional Marketing Managers

NOTE:  This is a 6 figure position/  Lightweights need not apply.

If you have what it takes to build a team, we want to hear from you today.  If you have 3-5 years in digital marketing, have the passion, desire and track record to lead a team of marketing account reps in your territory, fantastic.

If you are a veteran of the US military, even better.  As a veteran- preferred company, if you are looking for a career in marketing and you’ve proudly served your country in the armed forces, there is no better place to hone your skills and generate a large income than Marketing Partners LLC.

Please forward a brief cover letter and detailed resume to our online contact form for immediate consideration.

Account Reps

if you have at least one year of experience selling to small businesses, an account rep position may be perfect for you.  Our reps speak to small business owners daily, offering more than 20 digital marketing solutions to advance business. You’ll continue to serve clients by showing how to grow leads, sales, and profits by encouraging additional solutions to their marketing toolkits.

If you are a veteran of the US military, even better.  As a veteran preferred company, if you are looking for a career in marketing, there is no better place to learn and grow with than Marketing Partners LLC.

Please forward a brief cover letter and detailed resume to our online contact form for immediate consideration.

Proximity Marketing Specialist

Proximity marketing solutions like Geo-Fencing, Beacons, and NFC tags help grow small business leads like crazy.  If you have the knowledge and experience using and offering these types of marketing systems, we need to speak today.

We need someone in all markets right now.  Please attach a detailed resume and cover letter to our online contact form, and someone will get back to you asap.

Graphic Designer

Proficient in Adobe Suite solutions and a creative bent? Great.  Our clients have come to expect great things, and we aim to supply them. By adding another specialist, we feel confident there are sufficient opportunities.  We need someone that can produce graphics such as cinemagraphs and other motion graphics, for a variety of publications online and offline as well.

Please attach a brief cover letter, a detailed resume and a link to your online portfolio for consideration.

Can work virtually from anywhere. Must possess great English speaking skills, however.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one of the most indispensable team members, and we need to add another to our team.   The perfect candidate will love variety, have the patience of a saint, and works at the pace of a gazelle.  Other than that, we’re not particular.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to proofreading and editing content, posting to social media, producing analytic reports from our many solutions, and responding to the boss’ last minute demands, I mean requests.

Please attach a brief cover letter and detailed resume to our online contact form for consideration.

Can work virtually from anywhere.  However, must possess great English speaking skills.

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