How Successful Attorneys Attract Better Clients

Typical Legal Marketing Firms don’t know direct response marketing, so they’ll tell you that “you have to impress people with your expertise!”  They’ll sell you on an idea of overhauling your entire site to make it more attractive, better graphics, better font usage, and more backlinks.  Most of that is total B.S.


You may think you should aim for the 20%, and if you get lucky, a 5%’er might fit into your customer base.  What I am recommending you target 2% of the 20%, that upper tier of the upper segment of the market.
They not only have the money, but they also have the ability to spend without too much worry about their savings, investments, or retirement funds.  In fact, if they are in the Boomer class, they want active lifestyles and have no interest in retiring. They’re spending their retirement so they can “live the good life.”